Corporate culture is a real “thing” and it’s important for every business, large or small. It’s about people: how you treat them, how they feel about each other, how they interact and how they regard their company. A strong corporate culture can provide many significant benefits including increased employee satisfaction, improved productivity, better communication and collaboration, increased company loyalty and reduced attrition.

Keys to Achieve a Strong Corporate Culture

The culture of an organization forms naturally, but a strong corporate culture requires careful forethought, deliberate actions, and consistent follow-through:

  • Start by defining your vision or mission statement so that all stakeholders clearly know the purpose of the organization. 
  • Articulate the values of the company—the behaviors and mindsets that you want to achieve. 
  • Enshrine practices that demonstrate your values. 
  • Hire and retain people who fit, embrace and live your values. 
  • Organize your workspace to directly contribute to your culture and values. 
  • Have your corporate culture demonstrated and consistently executed by senior management.  

16 Tips for Creating a Strong Corporate Culture

  1. Treat all members of the company with respect. 
  2. Each person needs to feel included, regardless of any types of differences. 
  3. Go beyond kind treatment to create a real feeling of caring for one another. 
  4. Empower employees to really “own” the culture. 
  5. Share results, plans, projects, and progress openly. 
  6. Invest in employee learning and growth. 
  7. Communicate openly and in a way that fits your values. 
  8. Repeat your culture messages frequently. 
  9. Keep your purpose at the forefront. 
  10. Build and merit trust. 
  11. Recognize and reward individual and team efforts. 
  12. Foster informal lunches and dinners. 
  13. Get everyone to share the same vision. 
  14. Share stories that demonstrate values in action. 
  15. Create group gatherings and playtime. 
  16. Regularly check with employees to ensure you are on-track.  

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