Investing in real estate is more accessible to everyone now, and it is a popular investment for numerous investors. You can invest in real estate in many ways. Here are six types of real estate investments available.

REIT Investments

When a corporation or trust uses investment money to purchase property, it’s called a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). These real estate investment types allow you to take a passive role in owning real estate. You don’t need to deal with tenants or fix up properties; you collect the dividends each quarter.

Flipping Property

A popular investment shown on TV is flipping houses. Flippers will buy cheap, run-down properties and renovate them. Flipping homes is excellent for people who love to remodel homes, and you sell the property fast, so you don’t keep it in your portfolio for long.

Rental Property

If you want to become a landlord, you will retain the properties you bought in your portfolio. You’re responsible for the mortgage, taxes, and any necessary repairs on your property. You can hire a management company and have them take care of vetting tenants and collecting the rent. You would only need to collect the monthly rent from the management company.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds invest in REITs and other real estate operating businesses. Your portfolio would gain more exposure to different real estate investments with a mutual fund. Mutual funds work for you if you want to make sure you can liquidate your investments fast and do not want to deal with the responsibility of owning a property.

Investment Groups

Real Estate Investment Groups (REIG) act like smaller mutual funds. You can own property to help diversify your portfolio. You can buy a few apartments in a building that the REIG company is renting out, and the group will take care of the whole building on their investors’ behalf.

Limited Partnerships

A Real Estate Limited Partnership (RELP) are investment groups that only exist for a limited time. A property manager or development firm will seek outside investors to help finance their projects. Investors receive periodic payments, and when the property is sold, you will receive an even greater payoff depending on the project’s profit.

Making real estate investments is easier than ever. You no longer need to own the property and deal with tenants, but you can now invest using many hands-off options. Investing in real estate is possible for anyone, and many opportunities exist when investing.