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How To Finance a Fix and Flip Project

You may need financing if you are fixing home and selling it to a prospective homeowner. There are several ways to get money for a fix and flip project, including...... Read More

Tips for Real Estate Investment Success

Most established real estate investors have specific habits. Although these investments are typically more stable than the stock market, they do have inherent risks. Successfully navigating this industry requires knowledge...... Read More

Tips to Keep Your Best Employees On Board

In small businesses, great employees aren’t readily replaceable. When you’ve put a lot of time into helping someone fit into their role and they’ve grown to thrive in it, you...... Read More

What You Should Know About Customer Service Surveys

You have probably heard that customer service is the key to business success. In fact, you have probably experienced both good and bad service when you have made purchases. However,...... Read More

When You Should Consider Outsourcing

When you first started your business, you probably did a lot of the administrative and planning tasks yourself. You may have dipped your toes into accounting, human resources, and even...... Read More

When You Should Say “No”

You probably want to appear open and willing to help in most circumstances. In fact, you were probably taught at a young age to be helpful and respectful to others....... Read More

Why Good Teamwork Is So Important for a Successful Business Dynamic

If your business still operates by the old rule that what the boss says goes, you may want to rethink your strategy. Recent studies have shown that truly successful and...... Read More

Tips on Making the Most of Your Small Business Accounting

Handling the financial side of your small business can usually prove to be quite challenging for many. If you don’t really have a mind for math and money, you might...... Read More

The Most Important Factors in Establishing Successful Business Leadership

If you’re currently at the helm of a company or run your own business, establishing yourself as a well-respected leader and finding effective ways to lead your business is of...... Read More

The Costs of Opening a Franchise

You’ve done your research and have identified your next step. You’ve looked at all of the options and sorted through them, matching the best option with your skills and goals....... Read More