As a multifamily building owner you have taken care to create a functional, inviting complex that you know to represent the perfect environment for first-time lessees. The process young renters use to explore living spaces has changed over the years, requiring that you give consideration to newer approaches for attracting tenants. Take advantage of social media to increase opportunities to expand your applicant pool. Use the following tactics to market and advertise your apartment buildings to a fresh generation of apartment seakers.

Use Facebook as Your Home Base

Facebook is a valuable tool that you can use in a variety of ways with little effort. Create a professional business page that you update consistently. Regularly post entries for open houses using professional pictures of your building’s interior and exterior.

Count on Facebook for Advertising

The cost of placing ads on Facebook can be relatively low compared to many other outlets. That is because the social media giant offers tiered pricing, where you can spend as little as $5 per week or up to several thousand dollars.

Picture Using Instagram for Visual Draw

Instagram is currently a high profile platform for millennials and Gen Z customers. If you want to attract prospective renters from 25-30 years in age, use Instagram to post arty pictures of sunlit rooms decorated in teal, coral, cream white and other tones from vogue color palettes. Add bright pictures from open houses and other related events; make certain to use camera or cell phone that produces sharp images.

Tweet Your Way to Recognition

You will get far more mileage out of both Facebook and Instagram by connecting them to a Twitter account. Network your account to other relevant Twitter posts, both those that are industry-specific and those belonging to appropriate personalities. Do not be tempted to Tweet anything personal. Keep it professional, grammatically correct and targeted.

Become Influential

While a bit more challenging to pull off, cultivate a partnership with a nano-influencer who highlights your region. Nano-influencers cultivate a dedicated following by purchasing and reviewing narrow-focused products and promoting specific lifestyles, including desirable apartment buildings in a locale. They may Tweet, write blogs and create videos, but usually focus on Instagram. Like all social-media celebrities, they create content for pay, but their scale is far lower than that of other social media influencers.

Currently, using social media effectively is crucial to any successful promotion. If you have not done so, consider hiring or contracting a social-media expert to organize an ongoing campaign. Whether you outsource it or take it on personally, keeping up with evolving social-media platforms is an essential checklist item for keeping your building at capacity.