Getting the equipment, tools, and items you need for your business is essential to your growth and success. Equipment financing lets you acquire the necessary things while spreading the payments over time.

Should You Finance Your Equipment?

There are many advantages to financing significant equipment expenses. Funding your business purchases with a lease or a loan is an excellent option for startups and existing companies. Depleting your working capital to buy essential items can affect your daily operations. By accessing specific-use finance opportunities, you can:

  • Preserve funds for operational expenses
  • Maintain consistent cash flow
  • Manage monthly budgets
  • Stay current and competitive in your industry
  • Improve productivity

Will You Benefit From Equipment Financing?

Every company needs specific tools, systems, and machines to operate successfully. Funding purchases and creating a payment plan can be valuable for any business. Some industries that benefit from equipment loans or leases include:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Food Service

Do You Qualify for Equipment Funding?

Many finance choices are available for buying essential software, tools and machines for your business. You can access an option that works for you, even if you have a poor credit score or have not been in business for long. This kind of financing uses the items you purchase as collateral for the loan, reducing the risk to the lender.

Should You Get a Lease or a Loan?

The type of funding you choose depends on your company’s unique needs. Consider whether you will need to upgrade machinery or systems frequently to remain competitive in your field and serve your customers well. When you get an equipment loan, you will own the purchased items outright once you pay off the total amount. With a lease, you pay to use equipment that a leasing company owns. A lease may be a better option if your business often needs to upgrade to the latest technology.

What Types of Equipment Can You Buy?

Although your loan or lease is specific to purchasing essential items for your business, you can fund anything you need to ensure successful operations. You can outfit your office with desks, chairs, and other furniture. You can acquire necessary technology, such as computers, printers, software, and phones. Buy delivery vehicles, large machinery, forklifts, freezers, ovens, dryers, and more.

Ensuring your business runs smoothly requires many items. Equipment financing allows you to keep your working capital for paying your employees, bills, and daily costs while providing opportunities for top-quality service and continued growth.