Get the Financing You Need to Improve Your Business

At Impact Commercial Capital, we understand how business works. With the right cash flow, there are more opportunities to improve your business. That’s why we offer accounts receivable financing. Based on your customers’ credit histories, it’s easier for you to get approved if you have a questionable credit history yourself.

As a business that sells products or services with a 90 day payment plan, you may not have cash in hand when you need it. When Impact Commercial Capital purchases your receivables, we’re basically buying your assets. That’s outsourcing at its finest.

How It Works to Your Benefit

Perhaps the biggest advantage of financing receivables is the cash you have to do what you deem necessary for your business. Want to increase inventory? Do it! Looking to take advantage of a seasonal promotion? Now you can! Short on payroll capital? Not anymore! The following are some other benefits of accounts receivable financing.

  1. Quick cash, often in as little as one day
  2. Increased funding as your sales increase
  3. Free credit insurance for accounts that qualify
  4. No loan boards making decisions on your behalf

Achieve an Increase in Capital Today

For more information on financing receivables, or to get the application process started today, contact Impact Commercial Capital to speak with a professional.