Obtain Your Equipment the Easy and Convenient Way

If there’s equipment you need for business, Impact Commercial Capital has the financing you need to purchase or lease it. From bulldozers to printers, every business needs some type of equipment to run efficiently. With quick approval that typically takes only 24 hours, you can walk away with the equipment financing to get what you need so you can get back to work.

The Particulars of the Deal

At Impact Commercial Capital, our equipment lending programs are top notch. Interest rates are competitive, we offer up to 84 month repayment plans and have various payment structures to cater to your needs. Companies that have been up and running for two years or more also don’t require a financial statement for loan amounts of $150,000 or less. Down payments are always low, if they are required at all.

Our Equipment Financing Programs

We strive to make it simple for every business to afford the equipment they need. Our programs are for a wide range of companies. They are:

  • Government Programs – For government and municipal entities, with guaranteed approval on all equipment loans. This includes public schools, police departments, armed services, libraries, fire houses and other similar entities.
  • Credit Programs – For companies looking to make a financial comeback after an economic struggle, B, C and D credits are the solution.
  • Startup Programs – Businesses that have been up and running for less than two years benefit from our startup financing programs. We’ll assist you in purchasing the equipment that will give you a good start.
  • Lease Back Programs – Our leaseback program works like a well-oiled machine. We purchase your equipment, lease it back to you at a fair price and you receive ownership once again when the payment terms are fulfilled.

Why Leasing Makes Sense

Equipment leasing is one of the most sensible solutions for any business looking to increase cash flow. With low monthly payments, credit line preservation and accessibility to cash flow, it’s easier to stay in business. Equipment obsolescence is eliminated and you can often experience greater tax advantages.

Contact Impact Commercial Capital Today

For more information about equipment financing, contact Impact Commercial Capital today. We look forward to helping you obtain the equipment you need.