Motivation may seem like a fickle beast, but there are several strategies business leaders and managers can use to motivate employees. This article outlines some of the best of those strategies.

Strategy 1: Display Honesty and Support

A lack of honesty and support is one of the most surefire ways to demotivate workers. Be transparent and honest with your employees, and do your best to give them the support they need to succeed.

Strategy 2: Focus on Work-Life Balance

Even the most career-driven people can’t be in the office all the time, at least without burning out. To keep your employees at their best and most motivated, make sure they have the time they need to enjoy the parts of their life that don’t work. Some strategies for doing this, according to the blog of recruitment specialist Robert Half, include providing flexible hours, allowing telecommuting, and encouraging workers to use their annual leave.

Strategy 3: Provide Food

It may sound simple, but the food is a great motivator. Nobody works well when they’re hungry, and receiving free food from time to time can boost people’s spirits.

Strategy 4: Allow Growth

This strategy is aimed particularly at workers who perform at a high level. Your company’s best performers are likely also the ones most driven to advance their careers. Make sure that those employees have clear avenues for growth within your business. Otherwise, if they feel stifled, they may leave for a company that provides more space to grow.

Strategy 5: Give Praise

It’s important to regularly give praise to employees. For instance, if a customer compliments a worker, make sure that he or she knows about it. The same goes for coworkers: Encourage an environment where people recognize each other for their talent, dedication, and reliability.

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