If you own a multifamily property, the spring leasing season is a great time of year. However, it is essential to take some steps as winter sets in to keep your property at its best. This post goes over several ways to ensure that come spring, your rental units are ready to meet the incoming demand and stand out from other options.

Prepare the Plumbing

Winter can take a toll on plumbing. To avoid problems, Angie’s List recommends insulating your property’s pipes and proactively fixing existing leaks.

Check the HVAC System

Winter also puts a strain on HVAC systems. Consider having an HVAC company come in to perform a tuneup and make sure your system is in good shape. At the very least, change any air filters that are in need of replacement. It’s also a good idea to install insulation on windows, doors, and other areas that may let in cold air.

Take Care of Trees and the Lawn

If your multifamily property has trees and/or a lawn on the premises, then those need care as well. Before winter sets in, mow the lawn a final time and ensure that trees are trimmed of weak branches. Continue to monitor trees throughout the winter: They may be damaged by adverse conditions and require attention. Keep in mind that landscaping companies can be quite helpful for lawn and tree care.

Check the Roof

The roof is another area that requires attention. Damage to a multifamily property’s roof can put the entire property out of commission if it is left unchecked and allowed to progress. Before and during winter, monitor your roof’s condition, and don’t hesitate to call in a roofer if it is in need of repair. A roofer can also be invaluable for inspecting the roof in the first place.

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