You probably want to appear open and willing to help in most circumstances. In fact, you were probably taught at a young age to be helpful and respectful to others. You may have even been taught to say “yes” when someone needs something from you. However, this practice can be detrimental to you and your business. There are times when you should say “no,” even to those in leadership positions.

Your Ethics Are Violated

You should never allow someone to talk you into doing something that violates the law or your ethical or moral codes. For example, you may be asked to lie, backdate an invoice, or change some numbers to make the company look better. You may even be asked to promote something that violates your personal values. Protect your mental and emotional health and your freedom by saying “no.”

You Are Trying To Meet a Deadline

Deadlines are a part of life. You probably have work and personal projects that you are trying to complete by a specific date or time. If you are asked to complete a task that will put you in danger of not meeting your current deadlines, don’t be afraid to say “no.” You can share your reason with the person asking for your help, and you may even ask if you can help them after you finish your current project. However, don’t offer to help when it could be detrimental to your own work.

The Task Could Be Automated

No one likes to do work that could be done automatically. It is a waste of time and effort. Therefore, if you are asked to do something that could be or is already automated, you can say “no.” When you provide a solution that will eliminate the task from everyone’s duties, you present yourself as a problem solver and innovator.

The Task Will Upset Your Work-Life Balance

Research has proven the importance of having work-life balance. Your body and brain need time away from work and work tasks. When you are unbalanced, it can impact your emotional and mental health as well as your personal relationships. Overworking yourself can also put you and others in danger. For example, if you are over tired, you may not have a quick reaction time while you are driving and could end up in a car accident.

If you need time off, take it. When you are asked to complete tasks that expand your work hours, creating a lack of balance in your life, say “no.”

It can take time and practice to learn when it’s appropriate to say “no,” especially to corporate leadership. Stick with it, and your peace and balance will grow.